All About The Gadsden Girl

I chose “The Gadsden Girl” for my brand for a very specific reason. As a REALTOR® serving both Las Cruces, New Mexico and Tucson, Arizona, it was a perfect fit. I am an avid history buff and since the Gadsden Purchase was responsible for bringing Arizona and New Mexico to the US, it made perfect sense.

I’m fascinated by the similarities between Tucson and Las Cruces. There are a few:
*Both are home to outstanding universities – New Mexico State and the University of Arizona.
*Both feature extraordinary mountain vistas – the Organs in Las Cruces and the Catalinas, Rincons, Tucson and Santa Rita Mountains that circle Tucson
*Both benefit from a strong military presence. White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson.

The weather is just about the same as well with Tucson getting just a little bit hotter in the summer. Both experience last summer monsoon seasons, mild winters and beautiful spring and fall seasons.

Through this blog, I’ll be exploring the sites and sounds of Tucson and Las Cruces, comparing and contrasting both and sharing with you the beautiful scenery and amazing people that make each city unique in its own right.

I look forward to sharing my adventures!

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